July 26

5 Tips to Branding Your Business Online in Niagara Falls

Virtually all business enterprises in Niagara Falls these days have an online presence, as it’s been proven time and again significant in increasing brand name recollection, not to mention the fact it helps improve customer feedback and interaction. But if for some reason you’re not getting the expected results, try the following.

Niagara Falls branding

1. Use Customer Testimonials

There’s nothing quite like testimonials to improve your standing among web users. If you’ll notice, a lot of online products use testimonials to improve their standing among customers, and that certainly applies to businesses in Niagara Falls. Simply put, testimonials are powerful tools of persuasion that enhance your credibility.

2. Make Use of Publications and the Press

If your business has been featured in any Niagara Falls publication, mention it in your website or better yet provide a link to the site. If your site has been featured in a magazine or another offline publication, it adds legitimacy to your brand. You might also want to create a “press release” section in your website so visitors can be updated quickly.

3. Display Recognitions and Awards

If you have received any awards or special citations, you should display them prominently on your website so people will see it. This isn’t just boasting on your part but your way of showing site visitors that your brand is for real. The bottom line is you need to enhance your credibility and show everyone why your business is different from the others in Niagara Falls.

4. Show Your Social Media Connections

There are many plugins and social stats that can display your social media stats. It goes without saying that social media has changed the way companies do their business, and they provide you with the means to reach out to customers easily. Social media is the perfect opportunity to turn your brand into something real, something friendly and personable. By reaching out to potential customers, they will reach out to you too.

5. Be a Resource Site

The most effective way of selling your brand is to show the world you know what it’s about. For instance if your site sells tour packages in Niagara Falls, then turn your website –and brand- into a resource center by providing a list of tourist attractions in the area, facts and figures about Niagara Falls, tips for tourists visiting the area and so on.

Your goal of course, is to get people to purchase your products, but before you can do that you need to establish your reputation as an authority on the matter. The only way to do is of course, is to show everyone that you know what you’re talking about. Content can come in the form of downloadable e-books, videos, news items and so on, and make sure they’re updated regularly.

If you’re serious about establishing an online presence in Niagara Falls, you may want to try a web design local company called Linx Digital, as they have established a reputation for high quality, professional web design at affordable rates.





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July 26

Matt Femapco – Niagara Falls Hip Hop King

Matt Femapco’s friends say that he’s something like Bruce Wayne, and Matt can’t help but agree. On the one hand he’s Matt Femapco, the shy, reserved guy who works in a used car dealership at St. Catherine’s.

But he is also Matt Femapco the rapper, the man who’s ruled the Niagara Falls hip hop scene for the better part of a decade.

Separate Worlds

Speaking to Femapco at his car dealership, one would find it hard to believe that he is also the hip hop artist who has taken the Niagara music scene by storm. He admits that it can be hard trying to separate his two worlds, but it’s necessary. Working at a used car dealership is necessary to pay for the bills.

At the same time, Femapco says that having a day job keeps him grounded, but he also needs his “Batman side” or alter ego at night, to release all his energy. And people have responded positively.

Matt Femapco

Multi-Awarded Artist

Since Femapco released his debut album ten years ago, he has reigned supreme in the Niagara local music scene, winning the Niagara Music Awards for Hip Hop Artist of the Year for four consecutive years. And his talent has not gone unnoticed elsewhere, as he has served as an opening act for such artists as Classified and Cypress Hill.

However, the road to success hasn’t been easy, and Femapco admits that it has cost him broken friendships and relationships. However, he has managed to channel his emotions and struggles in his works, and it will be on showcase again in his latest album, North American Idol.

Femapco says that he draws inspiration from Eminem, as rapping about one’s struggle with family and life made more sense to him than the gangsta lifestyle. And he admits that the rap scene in Niagara is still in its early stages, and there is still some resistance to it, but he’s confident things will change soon for the better.


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